kid_imageDon’t be a parent who believes that dental care doesn’t matter until your child has adult teeth. Just because your child has baby teeth doesn’t mean dental problems aren’t a very real possibility that can be avoided with good oral care. Without proper care, teeth can decay and lead to cavities, infections, gum disease, abscesses, pain, and development delays. Infections that begin in the mouth may spread to cause other health problems. It just doesn’t make sense not to begin teaching your child good oral care habits as a youngster, so that healthy teeth and good habits are likely for life.

Here are some tips for protecting the oral health of your child:

  • Do not give your child bottles at bedtime containing anything other than water. Milk, chocolate milk, juice, and even diluted juice are all hazardous to your child’s teeth if left on them overnight.
  • Limit the amount of sugary beverages your child drinks at any time of day. Soda and undiluted juice are drinks to avoid.
  • Steer your child away from eating sticky or hard candy, popcorn, nuts, or other foods that tend to stick in their teeth.
  • Try to wean your child from sucking on a pacifier or thumb past age 2. These habits can alter the shape of the mouth and create more likelihood for orthodontic treatment becoming necessary in the future.
  • Begin cleaning your infant’s gums even before the first tooth appears, by wiping the gums with a soft damp cloth. After teeth begin to erupt, start brushing them with a soft small toothbrush and a little dab of toothpaste.
  • Usually by about age 5, children can begin brushing their teeth by themselves. Supervise your child’s brushing and help if they aren’t doing a thorough job. Teach your child to sing a song like Happy Birthday or the alphabet during brushing to ensure they spend enough time at the task.
  • Start taking your child to the dentist for checkups around their first birthday. This will help your child become accustomed to dental visits and decrease the likelihood of anxiety about the dentist, not to mention providing good oral care for your child.


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