As with any medical professional, it’s important to find the right dentist to provide the care and service best for you. Often people have the same dentist for a long time, so try to select one that you’ll be happy with. Here are some guidelines to help you in your search for a dentist.

Contact the American Dental Society or similar resources to get referrals if you are new to your area. If you have friends or family nearby, ask them for suggestions. Once you have a list of choices, visit their offices to determine which one you find the most appealing to you. When you are at each dental office, follow these tips:

  • Meet the dentist. Make sure that you are at ease and generally like the dentist, because you will be receiving personalized care.
  • Ask questions. If you’re interested in certain procedures or services, ask if the dentist has experience in them and can explain them to you. Inquire about treatment options available at the office. These types of questions will reveal the dentist’s competence, patience, and ability to interact with patients.
  • Check out the office. Notice if the office is clean and well-maintained, and look for state-of-the-art equipment which would indicate modern practices and a wide range of capabilities. Look for an office that has a calming atmosphere, and ask about the sedation dentistry options if you are prone to anxiety about dental procedures.
  • Compare dental office locations, hours, and fees. Try to find an office that is convenient to your home or work, offers appointments that fit your schedule, and has payment options that meet your needs.


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