If you have a cavity in one of your teeth, your dentist is likely to recommend repairing it with a white filling, even if the decay is in a back tooth. This is quite different to even a few years ago when amalgam fillings were often used to repair back teeth, while white fillings tended to be kept for repairing front teeth.

Nowadays more and more dentists practice amalgam free dentistry, and one reason for this is because white fillings can be healthier for your teeth. White filings are also increasingly being used because they look far better in the mouth, and are virtually invisible.
White fillings are made from a composite resin material that comes in a huge range of different colors. Your dentist will be able to closely match the color of the filling to your teeth, and may even use several different colors mixed together to get the exact shade.

What are the Advantages of Choosing White Fillings over Amalgam Fillings?
The huge advantage of this material is that it will work in harmony with your natural tooth, so it is a far healthier way of repairing teeth. Amalgam fillings are very hard wearing and long lasting, but they will contract and expand whenever they come into contact with cold and hot substances.

This continual flexing will eventually create small stress fractures in the tooth, increasing the risk of the tooth chipping or fracturing. It is also necessary for your dentist to remove more of the tooth prior to placing the filling. Only the minimum amount of tooth material needs to be removed when preparing a tooth for a white filling.

Is it Worth Having Amalgam Fillings Removed and Replaced with White Fillings?
All fillings need replacing eventually, as even hardwearing amalgam fillings will begin to leak and crumble when they begin to age. Your dentist will assess the condition of your fillings at every checkup, and can let you know when they need replacing with a healthier and more cosmetically appealing white filling.


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